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Criminal Law

Criminal Law is the set of norms that define those acts characterized as crimes and the threatened sanction (punishment) that will be imposed (either as punishment or as a safety measure)

Criminal Law

to the person who is prosecuted. The fundamental purpose of criminal law is to safeguard the social interest. This social protection, which achieves a pace of social life within the boundaries of a state, has a dual function. It works both as a protection of legal rights and as a protection of the individual's own legal interests against any arbitrariness of state organs.

The criminal trial moves, from start to finish, on procedural rules, the knowledge of which every lawyer who handles criminal cases is indispensable. Due to ignorance or poor knowledge of the procedural rules governing criminal proceedings have been lost many times rights of the parties in a way which is irrevocable but if there is sufficient knowledge of the procedural rules by the defense counsel of the accused many defendants managed to be acquitted. Moreover, a large number of cases depends on the actions that the lawyers need to do on the spur of the moment.

Our Team of Greek Lawyers - Attorneys deals with drafting and filing lawsuits - indictments for misconduct, defamation and libel both for individuals and companies, Fraud, Computer Fraud, Electronic Crime, extortion, bodily injury, Staff Crimes (Bribery, Violation of secrecy, Stealing the Service, etc.) and present - defense before all Courts. Moreover, it has undertaken the defense before all the criminal trial courts, and even senior with tangible results.


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