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Family Law

As in the rest of Europe so in Greece, the number of consensual divorces has increased dramatically, to the extent that one may easily support that in the near future, a divorce under dispute may be an outdated practice. Indeed, a divorce by mutual consent might well prevent the spouses from excessive judicial and legal fees, and a lengthy and arduous process.

Family LawLegislation
When there is mutual consent between spouses on divorce they can request to have a consensual divorce.
Conditions of issue divorce by mutual consent: In order to have consensual divorce there are some necessary conditions which, if you contact us, we can explain and take the process from start to finish, without any unnecessary costs, suffering and psychological damage from the whole process.

Our Team of Greek Lawyers and Public Notaries has consistently dealt with Maintenance Orders, guardianship and Divorces and frees you from the need to attend successive Courts and Offices in order to achieve your goal.


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