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Golden Visa

We are proud to be one of the first law firms to adopt and successfully apply the new Law for Investing in Greece, where you can become eligible for permanent European Union residency (Golden Visa) when purchasing a property worth at least 250.000 euro.

Golden Visa

The requirements for Golden Visa in Greece have become really appealing even when compared to similar immigration programs of other countries and you can now find really good property bargains in Greece.

Our full service package to you involves:
i) Getting an AFM,
ii) Getting health-insurance for yourself and your family,
iii) Identifying the real estate according to your needs and likes,
iv) Examining its legal and actual condition,
v) Drafting of the contracts (incl. a large number of legal docs),
vi) Applying for a registration to the Land Registry,
vii) Applying for the issuance of a residence permit,
viii) Getting the Residence Permit and renewing it,
ix) Providing Comprehensive Tax and Accounting Services, and
x) Supporting any Foreign Direct Iinvestment (FDI).

We co-operate with the biggest real estate agencies in Athens and in Greece, which have a very diversified portfolio, spanning from an appartment to Luxury Villas, so that we can provide you with numerous choices.
Additionally, two of the largest Banks in Greece have entrusted us with their archive of immovable property all over Greece to share it with our customers.

As there are quite many people trusting us over the past months, we have decided to issue an e-brochure which you can download here.

You will find out that it elaborates on this investment legislation and how our services fulfill its aspects. We are well aware that investors from China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Japan, Australia, India and other countries are interested in Luxury Property all over Greece, a service we can gladly provide.

We are also able to serve a large volume of potential customers in co-operation with immigration agencies and satisfy their perspective interests, since we are interested in long-term business partnerships. As we believe in synergies we will be more than happy to collaborate and offer you quality services.

We will be glad to hear from you regarding your plans and thoughts on your interest to purchase Luxury Property in Greece and get Schengen permit entry (visa) that will enable
you and your family to roam the entire EU!


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