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Labor Law

Labor Law is the set of norms that regulate the relationships that are created by the existing contract of an employment contract between the employer and employees.

Employment Law - WorkplaceIt concerns the provisions defining the rights and obligations of employees and their respective rights and obligations of the employers. In addition, the Labor Law regulates the legal rights and obligations existing between workers, employers and the State, regarding the employment contract.

It must be mentioned that the importance of the Labor Law is significant, because it affects most of the country's population. Moreover, it is also important as any social progress and prosperity depends largely on the harmonization of relations between employers and employees. Actually, nowadays it has grown into one of the most important branches of the law, with daily references in the media, as it determines the work and the remuneration deriving from it, both being the main factor of production.

Our Team of Greek Lawyers has acquired long and continuous experience in matters relating to the employment contract, salary, Rights and Obligations of Employers and Employees, contract terminations - Layoffs, Damages, work retention.

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