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Property Law - Real Estate

Nowadays, there are many who might wonder whether purchasing property remains a good investment.

Property Law

The endless charges, the reduction of purchase prices and rents and the general belief that in the next three years the property will not produce a surplus are the factors that trouble even the most ardent fans of property.

Yet the investment on property is still attractive under certain conditions. The truth is that the question of whether to invest or not in real estate is not as simple as in the past. Actually, nowadays, in order to have an advantageous placement of savings into real estate there are three factors should be taken into account:

1. The time.
2. The liquidity.
3. Certainty.

If you are considering buying a property as an investment you will need to cross-check and study many different information in order to get the right decision. The right combination of information and research will make the difference between a good investment and a non-profitable investment.

The importance of legal representation when signing contracts is directly related to legal issues of detailed character, processing and resolution. This requires the special training and expertise of a lawyer, whose participation provides a safety valve according to the processing of the law and the procedure.
Additionally, the right of ownership of property frequently implies a series of liens (inheritable and transferable), which affect the transfer of the real estate. For this reason a thorough legal research to the relative Land Registry becomes imperative in order to provide security of transactions and to avoid uncertain property transfers with very high financial stakes.

Our Team of Greek Lawyers, Public Notaries and Civil Engineers has consistently represented national and international clients in the signing of contracts and has been able to diagnose and resolve outstanding legal issues that endure many decades. We have specialized knowledge with issues relating to Sale and Purchase Contracts, Mortgages, Auctions, Cadastre, Evictions, Land Registry, Issues with tenants, Evictions, Collection of Rent and Maintenance Expenses.

We co-operate with civil engineers, notaries, tax, estate agents and surveyors across the entire Greek Territory so as to bring out any case that you would assign us.

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