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Services for people residing abroad

There are many Greek as well as Foreign Citizens residing abroad that have entrusted our Law Office with their unresolved matters in Greece empowering us to deal with them.


As a response to this demand, we have developed a team of associates which distribute and undertake any of the assigned tasks, which include but are not limited to the following:

Translation and Certification from English to Greek and vice versa of documents

Receipt and Filing of various documents to the competent Embassies / Consulates

Certification of Documents with the Apostille Seal

Certification of other documents

Filing of various Events to the competent Registry Office (Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death)

Applying and getting the relevant Certificates from the Courts for no other Will, for not declared bankrupt, for not having denied the hereditary rights, for not having filed an Appeal, etc.)

Becoming a Proxy, an Agent or acting with a Power of Attorney before the Services or any Court

Drafting and Completing Affidavits and Power of Attorneys

Dealing with taxation issues to the Competent Tax Authority and allocation of unresolved matters

Formation of standalone or subsidiary Companies in Greece, Cyprus or Bulgaria.

Resolution of Military obligations

For any further information or if you require any other service do not hesitate to contact us.

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