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Tax Law

The current tax law is constantly changing. Timely and complete submission of all tax documents and the payment or settlement of tax arrears has become of particular importance, taking into account the means of coercion and persecution legislative hold the State through the Public Finance (DOY) .

Tax LawOurĀ team of Greek Lawyers works with experienced tax consultants and undertakes early settlement of cases, use of tax clearance, payment of taxes, setting them in order to be paid in installments and the representation in courts and tax offices for the settlement of any dispute.

You will not need to go to all services, suffer psychological and economic damage to resolve your tax issues. If requested, we will co-operate with experienced accountants and lawyers that specialize in tax matters, in order to act for you without requiring your presence.

You can also read and download our up to date and concise e-Brochure on current Tax Issues here.

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