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Greece Reveals Its Official Plans for Resumption of Global Travel

Greece’s Tourism Minister, Haris Theoharis, has introduced the country’s action four-points plan in his capacity as chairman of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Global Crisis Management Committee in order to help revive the tourism sector during this year.

Emirates to Restart Flights Between US and Greece

Emirates Airlines, based in the United Arab Emirates, plans to restart flights between the United States and Greece on June 1, 2021. This is the second major announcement regarding the restarting of flights in the new year, with American Airlines stating earlier in February that it would begin serving Athens again as of June 3.

The best law you’ve never heard of

Americans should feel angry about companies harvesting every morsel of our data to sell us sneakers or rate our creditworthiness. But a data protection law that few of us know about should also give us hope.

Tourists see Athens as Covid-safe

Greece is considered a particularly Covid-safe destination, according to foreign tourists who got a chance to visit in 2020. This sense of security in relation to the pandemic is the second most important reason for choosing to visit Athens, after its archaeological sites and its culture, according to a survey by the capital’s hoteliers.

Greek Tourism Minister Says Health Certificate Gaining Ground

The idea of an EU-wide vaccination certificate that will enable safe travel and help economies recover is gradually being accepted by more EU nations, Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis said recently.
At the same time, speaking to Money Review of Greece’s Kathimerini newspaper, Theoharis added that rapid testing for Covid-19 is a “valuable tool” that will be utilized to maximise border controls.

Greece is changing

A lot has changed in Greece, things that have gone unnoticed since we enjoy complaining and, to a certain extent, because we consider these to be obvious. But this has not always been the case. Remember the situation with taxis before the crisis? Cabs tended to disappear for a few hours in order for one driver to hand the vehicle over to the next.

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