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Legal Team

What do you expect from a legal team?
The Greek legislation in conjunction with the Greek case-law (judicial precedent) are the primary sources of Greek Legal System.
dikigoriki-omadaThe implementation and the interpretation of the law in our daily routine or even in individual cases is difficult and time consuming. Our primary goal is to provide our client - customer the best possible legal advice without delay and unnecessary costs.

Legal Team

We are a group of young greek lawyers who are doing litigation and have gained real experience for the procedures and legal requirements of matters on a daily basis. We are also providing legal consultation for both companies and individuals regarding issues that are entrusted to us.

As a group of greek lawyers it is our nonnegotiable principle to surpass any obstacles of Greek everyday routine and provide excellent legal services without delay. Our primary concern is to relieve our client from the burden and responsibility of any issues and to shoulder these for a decent fee. Our aim is to avoid exhausting anyone financially or timely and to achieve the best result as soon as possible and at a reasonable cost.

Our knowledge derives from daily counseling and legal representation before the courts, it is not simply theoretical or academic, but applied and proven to bring results.

We have all the technological means in order to communicate with you wherever you are and to have immediate and comprehensive consultation where you may be, without becoming time and place an obstacle for us (i.e. we use Skype, Hangouts, Dropbox, email, phone, fax, etc.).

In any case we are available to advise you about your issues and the actions to be taken provided that we have a clear picture.

Konstantinos Touris

Attorney at Law

Studied Law at the University of Wales and the University of Athens

LLM in Shipping Law

Specialises in Golden Visa, Purchase of Properties, Labor Law, Inheritance Law, Interim Measures, Luxury Property Investment (LPI), Accredited Mediator.

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Georgia Louka

Attorney at Law

Studied Law at the University of Athens

LLM in Taxation Law

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Apostolos Parthenis

Attorney at Law

Studied Law at the University of Thrace

MSc in Law and Economics

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